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September 2019 - Motherboards FAQs    [ Miscellaneous FAQs ]
2 FAQs Found

Question Date
1 I install AMD EPYC 7xx2 on my H11/H12 series motherboard and install windows server 2019 OS. I found that CPU frequency cannot boost to max boost clock even with power plan ”High Performance”. Please let me know how to setup power plan to reach max boost clock. 09/12/19
2 I install AMD EPYC 7742 on my H11 series (H11DSU/H11DSI/H11SST/H11SSW/H11SSL) motherboard. When I power on the motherboard, fan is active but no display. Does H11 series motherboard support AMD EPYC 7xx2 CPU? 09/05/19

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