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1.  I have a supermicro server, that stops at boot, with the msg SYSTEM INITIALIZING with BA code at the right.
2.  Which key is to be pressed to enter Bios when the machine is connected via serial console (Board X9SCL-F)? We already tried "DEL", "F4", "F11"... but no go.
3.  I plug in 4GB of memory into my P8SAA board but Windows XP only shows 3GB of memory. Everything works fine but why does Windows shows only 3GB of memory?
4.  There is an issue. When we are generating the component rating of the system it shows UNRATED for all the components (Please see the attachment for better idea), while a normal system shows their components rating by using same methods.

Super Micro Workstation Configuration Details as below:-

Motherboard Supermicro X9DAI
Processor Xeon E5 2665 2.40 Ghz (Single CPU)
RAM 16 GB REG. DDR3 1600 Mhz.
HD 2TB Sata
Graphic Card Nvidia Quadro 600
OS Windows 7 -64 bit – Prof.

Please kindly provide the solution for the same ASAP.
5.  I noticed X8 DP series motherboard showing "ERST: Failed to get Error Log Address Range" message during the RHEL/CentOS 6.2,6.3 version while booting. What is this problem related to?
6.  How do I create a bootable USB stick?
7.  I have X8DTH-iF motherboard with 2 E5450 processors and 32GB ECC reg memory. I use: 1) RevoDrive 3 as PCI-slot bootable drive ( with Windows 7 ultimate (latest drivers), 2) ATI FirePro 3D graphic card ( (latest drivers), 3) Adaptec 6805 RAID controller (latest firmware and drivers). For some reason, these 3 devices do not work together. Any two of them work perfectly, but when I connect all 3, RevoDrive disappears from BIOS. What could be the issue? I tried to switch their places on PCI slots, it did not help.
8.  I have a storage Chassis SC846BA-R1K28 and Mainboard X9DR7-LN4F did not start up anymore. Then I unplugged and replugged some SAS cables, and tried to locate which Disk slots are served by which cable. After pushing the power button it showed "supermicro"-screen with "System Initializing..." on the bottom and then did not do anything further. IPMI shows the message "System initializing... B7". Removing the Bios battery for some time did not solve the problem. I did not find an answer on the internet yet - could you please tell us what this means and how I can recover from this?
9.  I have this server : At the system initialization it hang with a post code “B7”. I try to search AMI bios post code on your web site but I don’t find them. Do you have a description list of AMI bios post code ? Do you know what means the post code “B7” ?
10.  How to flash iSCSI option ROM to AOC-SG-I4?

Latest FAQs

1.  We have the server 6049P-E1CR36H and CentOS 7.0 does not see the second drive with part number of ST1000NM0055. Please advise! (12/07/2018)
2.  I have 2 7047R-3RF4+ Superservers with X9DR3-LN4F+ motherboards in them that use the Intel C606 Chipset. I am currently running both Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 on them (dual boot). If I try to upgrade Windows past version 1607, it informs me that the C600 chipset is incompatible. When going to the latest Windows Update November 27, 2018—KB4467684 (OS Build 14393.2639) at: []  (12/07/2018)
3.  I have the motherboard MB X11SPM-TF. What chassis would you recommend?
4.  How we can Manage FRU reading in our server. (12/07/2018)
5.  Can I apply the "IT Mode" firmware to this MB X9DR7-LN4F to switch from IR to IT mode with JBOD?
6.  I have a an LSI 9271-8i connected to a Supermicro Chassis. Do you know if we can expand a RAID 50 or 60 raid group. (12/07/2018)
7.  I have an SSG-6048-E1CR24H, and I want to move install my OS to the LSI 3108 on newly added HDD and create a separate Virtual Drives to go along with my original Virtual drives I created. However; whenever I try and install windows the installation errors immediately. What could it be? (12/07/2018)
8.  I have a new Microblade MBE-628E-816 enclosure, there are two CMM modules inside and I can only access one. How can I check the other CMM? (12/07/2018)
9.  Do you know how much power usage per blade MBI-6219G-T ? (12/07/2018)
10.  What is the part number for the rail kit to mount SYS-7049-TR to a rackmount? (12/07/2018)

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