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Supermicro SuperMinute: 10U GPU

As deep learning models continue to increase in size and complexity, the industry is looking for more and more computational capability. To meet the needs of data scientists, we are introducing the most powerful GPU system in the industry for artificial intelligence and high-performance computing.

Supermicro SuperMinute: U.2

Supermicro introduces its all new 1U 32 NVMe U.2 SuperStorage system, the Petascale U.2 Server. With its extremely dense design, it is the industry’s only 1U system with 32 NVMe U.2 SSDs.

Supermicro SuperMinute: 4 Way

Supermicro introduces its latest generation 2U rackmount 4-Way MP server. The MP line of SuperServers are designed to deliver the highest performance, Resource-Savings, flexibility, scalability and serviceability to power mission-critical Enterprise workloads like ERP, large in-memory databases, and real time analytics by scaling up to the maximum processing and memory afforded in one node.

Supermicro SuperMinute: Top-Load Storage Family

At 4U rack space, Supermicro capacity maximized, top-loading family of storage systems are right-sized for every data center deployments with short-depth, easy to deploy 45 Bay, mainstream 60 bay and extreme density 90 bay. With 12 TB hard drives, the top loading storage family delivers over 10 PB capacity per rack.

Supermicro SuperMinute: MicroBlade

Supermicro MicroBlade is density optimized solution in a blade form factor with a 3U/6U enclosure that contains blades, switches, chassis management module, power supplies/fans and the optional battery backup power units for a complete solution.

Supermicro at GTC 2018

Supermicro at GTC 2018 displays the latest GPU-optimized systems that address market demand for 10x growth in deep learning, AI, and big data analytic applications with best-in-class features including NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 32GB with NVLink and maximum GPU density.

Supermicro BigTwin™ Solutions

Supermicro introduces its 5th generation Twin architecture the X11 BigTwin™. With its no-compromise design, it is the industry’s highest performing 2U multi-node platform.

FatTwin™ Power Savings

Test comparison measuring the power consumption with HPL (High Performance Linpack)

Supermicro® FatTwin™

Supermicro® FatTwin™ offers the industry's best capacity and efficiency. The best TCO with highest performance-per-Watt/per-Dollar.

Supermicro SuperMinute: 1U 10 NVMe System

Supermicro introduces our All Flash Hotswap 1U 10 NVMe with higher throughput and lower latency for the next Generations Servers and Storage. We offer 9 different categories in over 40 different SKUs. The 1U 10 NVMe is one of the industries first 10 true Hot Swap NVme drives in a 1U Form Factor with 24 DIMMS for 3TB of Memory. Some of the performance specs includes 12x Read and 10x Higher Write Speed.