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Supermicro Servers Support PCI-E SSD Solutions

HGST Ultrastar® SN200 Series

To meet the needs of most demanding cloud, hyperscale and enterprise applications, Supermicro has teamed up with HGST to offer high-performance NVM Express™ compliant SSDs for its NVMe all-Flash server platforms. The Ultrastar SN200 Series SSDs deliver a new level of performance and capacity for Enterprise, Cloud and Hyperscale environments. Enabling faster intelligence in the expanding digital demands of business applications the Ultrastar SN200 Series SSDs are a reliable resource for fast access to critical data. The HGST Ultrastar SN200 Series SSDs double the speed of the previous generation within the same power envelope.


Ultrastar SN200
  • Cloud, hyperscale, enterprise and high performance computing
  • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • High Frequency Trading (HFT)
  • Virtualized computing
  • Space and/or power constrained environments

Qualified Part Numbers

SMCI P/N Manufacture P/N Description
HDS-HUV1-HUSMR7680BDP301 HUSMR7680BDP301/0TS1306 HGST Ultrastar SN200 800GB NVMe PCIe 3.0 MLC 2.5" 15nm 3DWPD, 0TS1306
HDS-HUV1-HUSMR7616BDP301 HUSMR7616BDP301/0TS1307 HGST Ultrastar SN200 1.6TB NVMe PCIe 3.0 MLC 2.5" 15nm 3DWPD, 0TS1307
HDS-HUV1-HUSMR7632BDP301 HUSMR7632BDP301/0TS1308 HGST Ultrastar SN200 3.2TB NVMe PCIe 3.0 MLC 2.5" 15nm 3DWPD, 0TS1308
HDS-HUV1-HUSMR7664BDP301 HUSMR7664BDP301/0TS1317 HGST Ultrastar SN200 6.4TB NVMe PCIe 3.0 MLC 2.5" 15nm 3DWPD, 0TS1317
HDS-HUV1-HUSMR7696BDP3Y1 HUSMR7696BDP3Y1/0TS1354 HGST Ultrastar SN200 960GB NVMe PCIe MLC 2.5" 15nm 1DWPD, 0TS1354
HDS-HUV1-HUSMR7619BDP3Y1 HUSMR7619BDP3Y1/0TS1355 HGST Ultrastar SN200 1.92TB NVMe PCIe MLC 2.5" 15nm 1DWPD, 0TS1355
HDS-HUV1-HUSMR7638BDP3Y1 HUSMR7638BDP3Y1/0TS1356 HGST Ultrastar SN200 3.84TB NVMe PCIe MLC 2.5" 15nm 1DWPD, 0TS1356
HDS-HUV1-HUSMR7676BDP3Y1 HUSMR7676BDP3Y1/0TS1357 HGST Ultrastar SN200 7.68TB NVMe PCIe MLC 2.5" 15nm 1DWPD, 0TS1357
For details on Ultrastar SN200Visit Here

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